Class of 2016: Lake Area’s Top 25 Prospects

The Lake Area’s 2016 class took a hit when Michigan State commitment Thiyo Lukusa transferred to New Jersey from Traverse City West. But it reminds a highly recruit-able group. In addition to linemen, the senior class if also rife with versatile, athletic playmakers, none more potent than the Lake Area’s No. 1 overall 2016 prospect Hunter Broersma, the two-way threat from D2 state runner-up Mona Shores.

  • 1. Hunter Broersma  6-1  180  WR/DB  Mona Shores  Western Michigan
  • 2. Jacob Cerny  6-5  290  OL  Traverse City West  Illinois
  • 3. Michael VanHoeven  6-5  300  OL  Paw Paw  Eastern Michigan
  • 4. Christian Boyd  6-2  270  DL  Muskegon Mona Shores
  • 5. Nolan Meekhof  6-1  215  RB  Grandville
  • 6. Gabe Bauman  6-3  245  LB  Rockford
  • 7. Trenton Fincher  6-9  305  OL  East Kentwood
  • 8. Michael Holdship  6-0  210  LB/RB  Cadillac
  • 9. Luke Sage  6-0  185  LB  Boyne City
  • 10. Kobe Burse  6-2  190  DB  Muskegon Mona Shores  Miami-OH
  • 11. Tyler Bradfield  6-1  185  ATH  Rockford
  • 12. Pat Naughton  6-2  190  QB  Comstock Park
  • 13. Juanye Johnson  6-4  275  OL  Muskegon
  • 14. Gabe Steed  6-1  175  WR  Lowell
  • 15. Luke Thompson  6-0  180  ATH  Grand Rapids Christian
  • 16. Carl Myers  6-2  250  DL  Grand Rapids West Catholic
  • 17. Darece Roberson  5-9  160  DB  Mona Shores  Western Michigan
  • 18. Keidren Davis  6-6  230  TE  Grand Rapids Union  Toledo
  • 19. Derices Brown  6-2  275  OL  Muskegon
  • 20. Zack VanValkenburg  6-4  230  LB  Zeeland West
  • 21. Dom Shermeta  5-11  205  LB  Muskegon Mona Shores
  • 22. Jake Martin  5-11  175  ATH  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern
  • 23. Deandre Oakes-Owens  6-1  170  DB/WR  Muskegon Mona Shores
  • 24. Kyle Augustine  6-3  300  OL  Gaylord
  • 25. Gourney Soan  6-0  165  DB/WR  East Grand Rapids

2015 Lake Michigan Football Combine set for Saturday, March 21st! Registration now open!

(Photo: Matthew Busch/MLive)

(Photo: Matthew Busch/MLive)

Calling all college football prospects from the classes of 2016, 2017, 2018! The 2015 Lake Michigan Football Combine will take place on Saturday, March 21, 2015, at MVP Sports in Grand Rapids, MI. Join top underclassmen from around the state and the Midwest for an afternoon of combine testing and one-on-one drills. Note: Due to the new venue, there are no restrictions on football cleats. Players may wear football cleats for the whole event.

ALL testing results will be made available to Division I, II, III & NAIA college coaches. The Lake Michigan Football Report has built strong relationships with college coaches in the MIAA, GLIAC, Missouri Valley, Ivy League, MAC, ACC, Big Ten, American Athletic Conference (formerly the Big East), SEC, PAC-12, Big 12, the U.S. Service Academies, and the University of Notre Dame!

If you want to play college football, this is one event you DON’T want to miss! Click the picture above for complete details and registration information!

Signing Day Top 100

The Lake Area’s Top 100 2015 Recruits:

  • 1. Derek Smith  6-4  250  OL/DL  Grand Rapids Kenowa Hills  Central Michigan
  • 2. Bryce Witham  6-4  245  TE/DL  Grand Rapids West Catholic  Minnesota
  • 3. John Keenoy  6-3  285  OL  East Kentwood  Western Michigan
  • 4. Tyree Jackson  6-5  210  QB  Mona Shores  Buffalo
  • 5. Jon Wassink  6-3  190  QB  Grand Rapids South Christian  Western Michigan
  • 6. Wesley French  6-5  290  OL/DL  St. Joseph  Western Michigan
  • 7. Carter Masek  6-3  230  LB  East Grand Rapids  Miami-OH
  • 8. Steve Eipper  6-5  275  OL  Greenville  Central Michigan
  • 9. Sam Beal  6-2  175  WR  Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills  Western Michigan
  • 10. Kenneth Willekes  6-3  235  RB/LB  Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian  Michigan State
  • 11. Mason Banbury  6-4  230  TE/DL  East Grand Rapids  Cornell
  • 12. Alezay Coleman  5-11  175  DB  Muskegon   Ferris State
  • 13. Chase VanHoef  6-5  285  OL  Grand Haven  Kent State
  • 14. Adam Trautman  6-5  220  QB  Elk Rapids  Dayton
  • 15. Brandon Childress  6-3  185  QB/ATH  Baldwin  Central Michigan
  • 16. Jacob Geter  5-8  165  RB  Plainwell  Davenport
  • 17. Travis Russell  6-2  185  QB  Grand Rapids West Catholic  Ferris State
  • 18. Matt Seybert  6-4  230  TE/DL  Traverse City St. Francis  Buffalo
  • 19. Gabe Andree  6-0  185  DB  Grand Rapids Christian  Toledo
  • 20. Joeviair Kennedy  6-3  195  WR  Muskegon
  • 21. Andrew Duckett  6-1  190  QB/ATH  Niles Brandywine  Eastern Michigan
  • 22. Trevor Raby  6-4  240  OL  Zeeland West  Davenport
  • 23. Nate Couturier  5-10  160  WR  Allendale  Davenport
  • 24. Eric Plate  6-0  180  DB  Greenville  Grand Valley State
  • 25. Deontay Moffett  5-9  RB  Muskegon Mona Shores  Wayne State
  • 26. Zach McGuire  6-1  190  ATH  Traverse City West  Northwood
  • 27. Bryce Wilker  6-5  290  OL  Belding  Michigan State
  • 28. TJ Smith  6-1  215  LB  Muskegon  Ferris State
  • 29. Mason Opple  6-3  210  QB  Hudsonville  Davenport
  • 30. Kyle Toth  6-2  195  DB  Hudsonville  Wayne State
  • 31. Nick Marosi  6-2  195  ATH  Grand Rapids Catholic Central  Miami-OH
  • 32. Jarrad Whited  6-2  230  DL  Vicksburg  Siena Heights
  • 33. Sam Heyboer  6-5  210  LB/TE  Grand Rapids South Christian  Ferris State
  • 34. Jack Bates  6-3  230  LB  Grand Rapids Christian
  • 35. Ethan Campbell  5-9  185  RB  Traverse City Central  Michigan Tech
  • 36. Mike Parker  5-11  170  WR  Muskegon Orchard View
  • 37. Jordan Ferguson  6-0  225  LB  Alpena  Michigan Tech
  • 38. Michael Ivy  5-9  205  RB  East Kentwood  Davenport
  • 39. Eddie Kelly  6-1  215  RB  Caledonia
  • 40. Caleb McNitt  6-2  205  QB/ATH  West Ottawa  Hillsdale
  • 41. Jordan Cobbs  6-3  190  LB/TE  East Kentwood  Ferris State
  • 42. Grant Tennehill  5-10  215  LB  Grand Rapids Catholic Central
  • 43. Qiantae Ewing  6-3  235  LB  Grand Rapids Christian
  • 44. Tony Curry  6-6  320  OL  Muskegon Oakridge  Ferris State
  • 45. TJ Patterson  6-3  275  OL  Reed City
  • 46. Jay Koski  5-11  205  LB  Portage Northern
  • 47. Hunter Simino  6-2  240  DL  Portage Central  Air Force
  • 48. Thompson McWatters  6-4  250  OL  Grand Haven  Northern Michigan
  • 49. Daniel Shanley  6-2  235  LB  Grandville  Hillsdale
  • 50. Victor Williams  6-2  265  DL  East Grand Rapids  Davenport
  • 51. Rowland Sharp  6-3  250  DL  Muskegon  Davenport
  • 52. Lamar Jordan  6-0  195  LB  Muskegon Catholic Central
  • 53. Mason Dekker  5-10  210  LB  West Ottawa  Davenport
  • 54. Dakota Scholten  6-4  235  ATH  Grant  Davenport
  • 55. Seth Tice  6-3  270  OL/DL  Traverse City Central  Michigan Tech
  • 56. Kyle Friberg  6-2  180  QB  East Kentwood  Carthage
  • 57. Mike Egeler  6-4  225  TE/DL  Comstock Park
  • 58. Jason McDonough  5-10  165  DB  Grand Rapids West Catholic  Hillsdale
  • 59. Tommy Brown  6-2  275  DL/OL  Grand Rapids Northview  Davenport
  • 60. Smith Saenbouttarath  5-11  DL/OL  Zeeland West  Davenport
  • 61. Mike Johnston  6-1  215  LB  East Grand Rapids  Davenport
  • 62. Blake Bokheim  6-5  230  TE  Grand Rapids Northview  Davenport
  • 63. Tyler Tippens  5-9  275  DL  Muskegon Mona Shores  William Penn
  • 64. Mitchell Quakkelaar  6-3 240  OL/DL  Grand Rapids South Christian  Ferris State
  • 65. Zach Hellman  6-4  220  DL  Muskegon Mona Shores
  • 66. Dereko Riley  5-7  170  RB  Muskegon Reeths-Puffer
  • 67. Dan Harazin  6-2  210  OL  Stevensville Lakeshore
  • 68. Jay Doll  6-0  195  QB  Paw Paw  Davenport
  • 69. Will Stecker  6-4  290  OL  Gaylord  Northern Michigan
  • 70. Cole VanOosten  6-7  270  OL/DL  Kalamazoo United
  • 71 Tristan Waters  6-2  165  WR  East Kentwood
  • 72. Tommy Scott  5-8  RB  Muskegon Catholic Central  Saginaw Valley State
  • 73. Danil Young  5-10  175  DB  Grandville
  • 74. Chase Harrington 6-3  210  LB  Greenville  Northwood
  • 75. Josh Colegrove  5-11  230  DL  Lowell
  • 76. Michael Catching  6-0 180  LB  East Kentwood  Davenport
  • 77. DeKurtis Murphy  6-5  315  OL/DL  St. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic
  • 78. Malik Swain  6-2  310  DL  Grand Rapids Kenowa Hills
  • 79. Parker Hall  6-4  195  WR  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern  Davenport
  • 80. Marty Ward  5-9  215  RB/LB  Niles Brandywine
  • 81. Kasey DeWitt  6-4  230  DL  Shelby
  • 82. Johnny Nutter  6-2  185  WR  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Central
  • 83. Matt Schuiteman  6-2  175  WR  Muskegon Mona Shores
  • 84. Brendan Huyser  6-2  290  OL  Grand Rapids South Christian  Ferris State
  • 85. Kaden Kempker  6-0  160  DB/WR  Hudsonville  Davenport
  • 86. Luke Wilkerson  6-2  195  QB  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern  Davenport
  • 87. Jaeden MacPherson  6-2  245  DL  Muskegon Cathlic Central
  • 88. Maceo Vroman  5-11  160  ATH  Boyne City
  • 89. Caden Burrows  6-3  290  OL  Cedar Springs  Davenport
  • 90. Alex Bos  6-3  230  TE  Grand Rapids Christian  Davenport
  • 91. Caleb Washington  5-6  185  RB  Muskegon
  • 92. Max Kallemetyer  6-6  230  OL  Sr  Wyoming
  • 93. Jared Rogers  6-0  205  RB  Byron Center
  • 94. Mikey Roth  5-11  190  QB  East Grand Rapids  Valparaiso
  • 95. Rys Adle  6-3  215  LB  Traverse City Central
  • 96. Dalton Ketelaar  6-1  190  QB  Vicksburg  Davenport
  • 97. Keagan James  6-1  205  ATH  Central Montcalm
  • 98. Pierce Vreeland  6-2  190  DB  Gobles
  • 99. Sammie Ryans  6-0  220  LB  East Kentwood
  • 100. Jalen Kisner  6-0  270  OL  Hopkins  Northwood

Senior Exposure All-Camp Team

MVP TJ Patterson 6-3 275 Sr OL Reed City
He came in consensus all-state as a two-way lineman who had cleared the way for one of the Lake Area’s most prolific rushing offenses, and Patterson’s performance did nothing to diminish those accolades. He’s really improved, from a big raw talent to a fit athlete who executes. GLIAC scholarship lineman.

QB Andrew Duckett 6-1 190 Sr Niles Brandywine
QB Jay Doll 6-0 195 Sr Paw Paw
RB Devon Simmer 5-9 190 Sr Whitmore Lake
RB Maceo Vroman 5-11 160 Sr Boyne City
OL Will Stecker 6-4 290 Sr Gaylord
OL Brian Beukema 5-11 230 Sr Portage Central
OL Christopher Sanders 6-5 330 Sr Benton Harbor
OL Max Kallemetyer 6-6 230 Sr Wyoming
WR Tristan Waters 6-2 165 Sr East Kentwood
WR Rob Wolfington 6-0 190 Sr Elk Rapids

MVP Jay Koski 5-11 205 Sr LB Portage Northern MVP
He had two picks in Portage Northern’s playoff win over Portage Central and showed those pass coverage skills here, looking like a true corner at times. Sharp middle linebacker who picked things up quickly and applied coaching. Versatility is his name, in addition to lockdown coverage and making plays on the ball, in the fall Koski had 20 tackles behind the line and also played center.

LB Cole Butler 6-3 190 Sr Boyne City
LB Marcus Garth 5-11 190 Sr East Kentwood
LB Zach McMahon 6-1 205 Sr Kalamazoo Hackett
DL Melvin Sylvester 5-11 215 Sr East Kentwood
DL Jalen Kisner 6-0 270 Sr Hopkins
DL Brady Jackson 6-1 220 Sr Sanford Meridian
DB Hunter Bost 6-3 205 Sr Battle Creek Lakeview
DB Pierce Vreeland 6-2 190 Sr Gobles
DB Alex Kahila 6-0 160 Sr Mattawan
DB Malik Schrad 5-9 170 Sr Batttle Creek Lakeview

State Finals: All-Lake Area Team

It was another strong showing for the Lake Michigan Area in the 2014 state finals. Three of the five teams won — South Christian in D4, West Catholic in D5 and Muskegon Catholic Central in D8. Muskegon’s defense acquited itself well in the D3 final, which was dropped to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s 7-0. Here are the Lake Area teams’ top performers from the state finals.

OL Mitchell Quakkelaar 6-3 240 Sr Grand Rapids South Christian
OL Michael Caughey 6-0 240 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
OL Brendan Huyser 6-2 290 Sr Grand Rapids South Christian
OL Derices Brown 6-2 275 Jr Muskegon
OL Drew Doyle 6-1 240 Sr Grand Rapids West Catholic
QB Jon Wassink 6-3 190 Sr Grand Rapids South Christian
QB Travis Russell 6-2 185 Sr Grand Rapids West Catholic
RB Tommy Scott 5-8 175 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
RB Caleb Washington 5-7 185 Sr Muskegon
WR Charlie O’Connor 5-9 160 Sr Grand Rapids West Catholic
WR Eric VanVoorst 6-3 180 Sr Grand Rapids South Christian

DL Christian Boyd 6-2 265 Jr Muskegon Mona Shores
DL Jaeden MacPherson 6-2 245 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
DL Carl Myers 6-2 250 Jr Grand Rapids West Catholic
LB Sam Heyboer 6-5 210 Sr Grand Rapids South Christian
LB Terrion Hill-McKay 6-1 205 Jr Muskegon
LB Lamar Jordan 6-0 195 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
LB Jake Wierenga 6-3 200 Sr Grand Rapids South Chrsitian
DB Alezay Coleman 5-11 175 Sr Muskegon
DB Brett Wildman 6-1 165 Sr Grand Rapids West Catholic
DB Zach Winzer 5-10 180 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
DB Jason McDonough 5-10 165 Sr Grand Rapids West Catholic

All-Lake Area: The Offense

MVP Tyree Jackson 6-5 210 Sr QB Muskegon Mona Shores
The Division 2 state final was an unfortunate end to an incredible career for Jackson, as he wasn’t 100 percent after suffering a knee injury in the semifinals. But that shouldn’t dim what he accomplished during the best season in school history. He completed 125-of-204 passes for 1,923 yars and 22 TDs and really improved as a runner, with 719 yards and 10 TDs. A virtually unheard of four-year starting QB in big-school football, Jackson finishes top 10 in state history in total passing yardage at 6,431 and TDs with 69. He has committed to Buffalo.

OL John Keenoy 6-3 285 Sr East Kentwood
A three-year starting center, Keenoy anchored a young but talented line clearing the way for EK’s various talented skill guys and leading the Falcons to their best season in a dozen years. This season Keenoy went both ways, providing strength at the point of attack as a defensive tackle. He was an early commitment to Western Michigan.

OL Derek Smith 6-4 250 Sr Grand Rapids Kenowa Hills
Injured as a junior, this was Smith’s first full season starting left tackle and he thrived for Kenowa as the most athletic lineman in the O-K Black. He also played defensive end for the Knights. Smith was an early commitment to Central Michigan.

OL Steve Eipper 6-5 270 Sr Greenville
Like Derek Smith, Eipper is committed to CMU. But whereas Smith is a lithe athletic lineman, Eipper is a block-out-the-sun type. He cleared the way for the most prolific rushing team in Greenville history, which nearly topped 3,000 yards.

OL Dan Harazin 6-2 210 Sr Stevensville Lakeshore
HOF coach Denny Dock may have retired, but Lakeshore kept rolling in 2014 thanks to vets like Harazin. The Lakers’ center, he brought leadership and toughness to the position, as well as the athleticism of his 4.7 speed.

OL Chase VanHoef 6-5 285 Sr Grand Haven
In a league known for producing linemen Grand Haven isn’t the first school that comes to mind, but in 2014 the Bucs had the O-K Red’s top bookend tackles in Thompson McWatters and VanHoef. The latter helped open lanes for over 2,000 rushing yards while not allowing a sack from his right tackle spot all season.

QB Travis Russell 6-2 185 Sr Grand Rapids West Catholic
The entire state got to witness, again, Russell’s leadership and ability when he called his own number time and again on the game-winning drive of the Division 5 state championship game. It was his third appearance in the final and second title. For the year Russell completed 149-of-226 throws for 2,384 yards and 31 TDS while running for 1,219 yards and 19 TDs.

RB Michael Ivy 5-9 205 Sr East Kentwood
Tony Kimbrough wanted to run the ball more in his first year as EK’s head coach, and had just the man for the job. Ivy rushed for 1,919 yards and 24 TDs. He has committed to Davenport.

RB Eddie Kelly 6-1 215 Sr Caledonia
Caledonia went to the wishbone, and Kelly carried the load. A tough cover with his combination of size and speed, he ran for 1,464 yards and 20 TDs while also adding five TD catches, all against arguably the Lake Area’s toughest regular season schedule.

TE Trevor Raby 6-4 240 Sr Zeeland West
How much does Zeeland West’s HOF coach John Shillito value the tight end? He starts two of them. Raby switched over from tackle to replace last year’s Lake Area offensive MVP Jordan VanDort as one of them. He and his counterparts on the line opened the way for two backs, Nick Jasch and Darius Perisee, who topped 1,200 yards each and an offense that averaged 46 points per game. He caught three TDs and, and also starting on the D line had six tackles for loss. Raby has committed to Davenport.

WR Gabe Steed 6-1 176 Jr Lowell
Lowell will begin 2015 as the Lake Area’s No. 1 overall team, thanks to returning talents like Steed. A threat to take it to the house on any given play, he caught 34 balls for 818 yards and 10 TDs and also added TDs on interception and kickoff returns.

WR Nate Couturier 5-10 160 Sr Allendale
Just a tough cover with his shiftiness and speed, Couturier had 45 receptions for 802 yards and 11 TDs. His playmaking wasn’t limited to offense, as he also had six interceptions, two of which were returned for TDs. Couturier has committed to Davenport.

All-Lake Area: The Defense

MVP Bryce Witham 6-4 245 Sr DL Grand Rapids West Catholic
The rare high school athlete who combines all the physical tools with a non-stop motor. Witham imposed his will as both a lineman and tight end for West Catholic’s consecutive state championship teams. Heading into Saturday’s game with Lansing Catholic Central, Witham had 77 tackles and on the other side of the ball had 764 yards and 16 TDs receiving.

DL Jarrad Whited 6-2 230 Sr Vicksburg
He was an all-conference pick on both the offensive and defensive lines. Whited had 95 tackles, 14 of them behind the line including six sacks.

DL Tyler Tippens 5-8 260 Sr Muskegon Mona Shores
With six more inches Tippes would be on everyone’s recruiting list. As it was, he’s a dominant high school nose tackle for Mona Shores’ Division 2 state runner-up team. He didn’t just draw in blockers, he dominated them. Tippens had 100 tackles including 10 sacks.

DL Rowland Sharp 6-3 250 Sr Muskegon
He did the dirty work on the interior of the line for Muskegon’s Division 3 state runner-up team. Sharp had 44 tackles with six sacks, and was also the Big Reds’ tight end.

DL Carter Masek 6-3 230 Sr East Grand Rapids
He was the top edge rusher in the Lake Area’s strongest conference, the O-K White. Masek had 52 tackles including 10 behind the line. He was a two-way starter for East’s playoff team and will sign with Miami-OH.

LB TJ Smith 6-1 215 Sr Muskegon
He was Muskegon’s only returning starter at linebacker and came through with a huge senior year for the D2 state runners-up Big Reds. Smith led Muskegon with over 100 tackles, including a three-sack effort against East Grand Rapids and a 73-yard TD on an interception return against Northview.

LB Jack Bates 6-3  230  Sr Grand Rapids Christian
On a Christian team whose season was in flux because of injury, Bates was a stalwart in the middle. He had 103 tackles, with eight behind the line and two sacks.

LB Luke Sage 6-0 185 Jr Boyne City
The defensive leader of Boyne City team that reached the Division 6 semifinals. Sage had 142 tackles, including 10 sacks, two interceptions and four fumble recoveries.

DB Jon Wassink 6-2 190 Sr Grand Rapids South Christian
He played defense as needed his junior season. Wassink played the corner full-time as a senior in addition to his quarterback duties and quickly became one of the Lake Area’s best cover men. Wassink had four interceptions, including one in South Christian’s Division 4 final win over Lansing Sexton. Offensively, he threw for 2,243 yards and 26 TDs and ran for 1,326 yards and 18 TDs. He’s committed to WMU.

DB Hunter Broersma  6-1  180  Jr  Muskegon Mona Shores
He missed Mona Shores’ state final because of an illness, and the Sailors certainly missed his game-breaking athleticism on defense, offense and special teams. Broersma had five interceptions and scored seven TDs.

DB Alezay Coleman 5-11 175 Sr Muskegon
Muskegon’s defense did its job in the D2 state final, holding St. Mary’s to seven points and Coleman had 13 tackles at forward field. On the season he had over 50 tackles, four interceptions and four TDs. Coleman is committed to Ferris State.

DB Tyler Bradfield 6-1 185 Jr Rockford
He led Rockford with 81 tackles. He’s a versatile, athletic playmaker who also had two picks, blocked a kick and returned a fumble for a TD. Bradfield will be a rare three-year letter-winner for the Rams.

Playoff Picks: Saturday’s State Finals

Winners are italicized.

All games are at Ford Field.

Playoff Pick record: 74-15

Division 3
Muskegon 12-1 vs. Orchard Lake St. Mary’s 11-2 7:30 pm
The parallels of the Division 2 final — a Catholic League team, De La Salle, dominating an O-K Black team, Mona Shores — gives one pause. But while the moment became too big for a short-handed Mona Shores squad, Muskegon has been on the main stage before.

Division 5
Grand Rapids West Catholic 13-0 vs. Lansing Catholic 13-0 4:30 pm
West Catholic will repeat. They’ll best skill player, QB Travis Russell, and best lineman, Bryce Witham, on the field.

All-Lake Area: Division 7-8

OL Michael Caughey 6-0 240 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
OL Zach Smith 6-4 230 Jr Suttons Bay
OL Jacob Flaugher 6-0 215 Sr Beal City
OL Nate Jones 6-2 200 Jr Muskegon Catholic Central
OL Nathan Fox 6-2 225 Jr Johannesburg-Lewiston
QB Brandon Childress 6-4 185 Sr Baldwin
RB Tommy Scott 5-8 175 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
RB Ryon Tym 5-9 160 Sr Bridgman
RB Chase Rollin 5-9 165 Jr Beal City
RB Jake Klinglesmith 5-11 180 Jr Traverse City St. Francis
TE Jacob Tiller 6-2 190 Sr Gobles

DL Jaeden MacPherson 6-2 245 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
DL Hunter Bell 6-1 165 Sr Decatur
DL Hunter Sibley 6-2 240 Sr Marcellus
DL Austin Cook 6-2 205 Sr Beal City
LB David Loney 6-3 210 Sr Frankfort
LB Jacob Kimbrough 6-2 180 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
LB Logan Huff 5-10 160 Jr Johannesburg-Lewiston
LB Lamar Jordan 6-0 195 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
DB Gabe Callery 5-10 165 So Traverse City St. Francis
DB Shane Henry  5-10 150 Jr Gobles
DB Zach Winzer 5-10 180  Sr  Muskegon Catholic Central

Playoff Picks: Friday’s State Finals

Winners italicized.

All games are at Ford Field.

Playoff pick record: 72-14

Division 2
Muskegon Mona Shores 12-1 vs. Warren De La Salle 10-3 1 pm
Mona Shores’ postseason is suddenly mirroring South Christian in 2012, as they lost their QB, Tyree Jackson, to a knee injury in their semifinal win over Farmington Hills Harrison. When South Christian’s QB, Jon Wassink, was hurt in the 2012 semis, backup Derek Woltjer led the Sailors to a blowout of Detroit Country Day in the championship game. If Jackson can’t go, his backup is Tyler Trovinger – though he, too, was knocked out of the Harrison game, with a concussion. Behind them on the depth chart are Elijah Wilson and Noah Dykstra. De La Salle would be a tough out Jackson or no, coming off a semifinal win over perennial state power Brother Rice.

Division 4
Grand Rapids South Christian 11-2 vs. Lansing Sexton 13-0 7:30 pm
This is South Christian’s third straight championship game appearance, as they were runners-up in 2013 and won it all the year prior This is the culmination for a great senior class that helped get it rolling in 2012. South Christian may have to score 50 for the second week in a row to win this likely shootout. You have to like Jon Wassink in that scenario, and the return of receiver Eric VanVoorst just makes Wassink and running back Geff Plasman that much more dangerous.

Division 8
Muskegon Catholic Central 13-0 vs. Munising 12-1 10 am
Muskegon Catholic has scored at least 42 points in their four playoff games. That may not change. However what could change, if Munising scores more than a TD they’ll have fared better than any of MCC’s other postseason opponents.


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