Division 3, Region 2, District 1: College Recruit Central

Home to the two best teams in Division 3, 8-1 Grand Rapids Christian and 9-0 Zeeland East, 2011 Division 4 champion Zeeland West and an 8-1 Fruitport squad, when it comes to sheer talent, no district in the Lake Michigan area compares to D3/R2/D1. There are at least five BCS level prospects among the first five upperclassmen, and here are the  top 25 overall college recruits from Friday’s opening round games of Fruitport at GR Christian and Zeeland West at Zeeland East.

  1. Drake Harris  6-4  180  Jr  WR  Grand Rapids Christian  MSU
  2. Spencer Viening  6-0  215  Jr  ATH  Zeeland East
  3. Jordan VanDort  6-6  290  Jr  ATH  Zeeland West
  4. Tommy Doles  6-4  240  Jr  OL  Grand Rapids Christian
  5. Chris Hendricks  6-5  270  Jr  OL  Fruitport
  6. Marcus Lambert  5-11  185  Jr  RB  Zeeland West
  7. Zach Crouch  6-5  255  Sr  TE  Grand Rapids Christian  CMU
  8. Michael Custer  6-2  175  Sr  QB  Zeeland East
  9. Amilio Flores  6-4  255  Sr  DL  Fruitport
  10. Dwayne Barfield  6-1  175  Jr  DB  Grand Rapids Christian
  11. Alex VanDeVusse  6-2  185  Sr  QB  Grand Rapids Christian
  12. Matthew Hall  6-1  200  Sr  LB  Grand Rapids Christian
  13. Alex Korhorn  6-2  275  Sr  DL/OL  Grand Rapids Christian
  14. Braden Werley  5-11  195  Sr  RB  Zeeland West
  15. Josh Blauwkamp  5-10  175  Sr  ATH  Zeeland East
  16. Zach Hill  5-11  170  Jr  WR  Zeeland East
  17. Patrick Banks  5-10  320  DL  Zeeland East
  18. Tyler Smith  6-4  210  Sr  DL  Zeeland East
  19. Joel Schipper  5-11  180  Sr  K  Grand Rapids Christian
  20. Tyler Fehler  6-0  165  Sr  ATH  Fruitport
  21. Jordon Lambert  5-11  185  Jr  ATH  Zeeland West
  22. Jon Pung  5-10  175  Sr  DB  Zeeland West
  23. Davaris Collier  5-10  175  Sr  WR  Grand Rapids Christian
  24. Dakota Gordon  5-8  150  Sr  RB  Fruitport
  25. Sam Kuiper  5-9  155  Jr  RB  Grand Rapids Christian

2 responses

  1. Nothing about Seth McIntosh from GR Christian? Funny, I heard he was getting all kinds of interest from colleges. Sat out last year with injury and his first year at Christian he gets the starting RB spot, averages over 8 yards a carry and keeps defenses honest as a true running threat. Might be time to brush up on your list of prospects…

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      Didn’t play when we saw Christian, guess he was still hurt.

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