Senior Exposure Camp: The QBs

Comstock Park's Jake Brown led the way for QB's at The Lake's Senior Exposure Camp (Photo: Matt Busch)

Comstock Park’s Jake Brown led the way for QB’s at The Lake’s Senior Exposure Camp (Photo: Matt Busch)

It’s funny that what ends up the most analyzed position in the wide world of sports — NFL quarterback — can begin with such a hit-and-miss scouting process. Aaron Rodgers had to go through junior college to get a D1 scholarship. Kirk Cousins was an afterthought Big Ten recruit for Michigan State. Tom Brady had to share snaps at a U-M as a senior. There’s so much that goes into the QB position, it’s hard to take in the totality and intangibles in a camp environment. But there are clues.

Here are the top 5 2013 QBs from The Lake’s Senior Exposure Camp:

  1. Jake Brown  6-0  198  Comstock Park
  2. Trevor VanTubbergen  6-3  180  West Ottawa
  3. Jake Cowsert  6-0  175  Watervliet
  4. Landon Grove  6-2  215  Gladwin
  5. Nick Kroneymeyer  6-1  185  Hamilton

Jake Brown piled up the ground yardage and rushing TDs during his three-year all-conference run at Comstock Park. But it’s not like he can’t throw.

“Great footwork, throws from a good arm slot, he really can spin the ball,” the camp’s QB coach said. “Throws a great deep ball.”

In Brown’s interaction with receivers and coaches, there were hints of the leadership and charisma that can define the position as much as arm strength. You can see how his teams won so many games.

Unlike with Brown, no one worries about height with West Ottawa’s Trevor VanTubbergen. He has the physical tools at 6-3, 180, and looked good dropping in the deep ball. Jake Cowsert was the fastest QB with a 4.78 40, fitting since he was also an all-league cornerback for Watervliet. He’s best known for heading up one of the state’s most prolific small-school offenses, and with all those reps looked really comfortable throwing.

“Very good footwork and throws a catch-able ball,” the coach said.

Landon Grove gives quite a different look from Cowsert, at 6-2, 215 the biggest QB in camp. He’s a three-time all-league QB out of the Jack Pine Conference and looked right at home with the Grand Rapids area athletes. Strong arm, smart eyes, the kind of QB where teammates feed off his physical presence and attitude.

Nick Kronemeyer is more of a gamer than workout warrior. He’s good in game situations, improvising with his legs and making plays under pressure. Like Jake Brown, ran a respectable 4.9 40. At times his ball floated in drills. Had he not injured his throwing hand the day before in a basketball scrimmage, Zeeland East’s Michael Custer would have been in consideration with the top QBs. He’s a good athlete at  6-2, 175, a bright decision-maker with a natural throwing motion.


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