All-Lake Division 7-8 Team

QB Brandon Childress  6-3  185  Jr  Baldwin
OL Cory Katterheinrich  6-2  280  Sr  Niles Brandywine
OL Tristen Fleet  6-3  275  Sr  Mancelona
OL Jacob Laughler  6-0  210  Jr  Beal City
OL Kalin Leonard  6-1 220 Sr  Johannesburg-Lewiston
OL Cam White  6-5  300  Sr  Saugatuck
TE Ryan Tilmann   6-3  180  Sr  Beal City
WR Justin Burke  6-3  175  Sr  Fife Lake Forest Area
WR Nathan Holt  5-7  160  Sr  Lake City
RB Joey Koscielski  6-4  220  Sr  Saugatuck
RB Ty Rollin  5-8  180  Sr  Beal City

DL Cody Burns  6-1  270  Sr  Lake City
DL Jake Khoury  6-3  295  Sr  Traverse City St. Francis
DL Benjamin Walton  6-0  260  Sr  East Jordan
DL Nick Ward  6-3  205  Sr  Beal City
LB Matt Maynard  6-2  225  Sr  Lawton
LB Cole Southworth  5-10  210  Jr  Decatur
LB Matt Tollini  6-0  170  Sr  Onaway
LB Larry VanBuren  5-10  180  Sr  Evart
DB Kevin Kunkel  5-10  165  Sr  Lake City
DB Tommy Scott  5-8  160  Jr  Muskegon Catholic Central
DB Brandon Turner  5-7  145  Sr  Lawton

6 responses

  1. I think that leaving Alex Lewandoski off your list was a mistake.

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      Stay tuned.

  2. I think leaving off Drew Marion was a huge Mistake… He was the backbone of the Lake City team, Nate, Kevin and Cody were all great but Drew was exceptional.

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      Stay tuned.

  3. We’re your picks from the West and Central teams only? I also think leaving Drew off was a mistake! I see a lot of other players that should of been on there!

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      Stay tuned.

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