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14 responses

  1. Why is Reeths-Puffer being overlooked for everything on this page? They have athletes just like every other school listed.

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      Anyone in particular? With so much talent in Muskegon, a 2-6 team in the midst of its sixth-straight losing campaign runs a chance of getting overlooked.

  2. I realize they do not have the best record but they do have talented players. It really is not fair to punish the kids for a record that the program has. Those kids are working just as hard as every other player in the area. Drieus Betts-render (RB). Broke 1000 yards this year on a “losing team”. Josh Buie (LB) tears up every opposing defense. Stephen Hanson (OT) dominates most d-lines. There are more then those players listed and they all deserve recognition just like the other schools. By the way it is there FIFTH losing season, not their sixth.

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      If any seniors are interested in playing at the college level, they should check out our Senior Exposure Camp on December 2nd. Just click on the link above for complete details.

  3. In you Upper Classmen Wide Receiver Rankings you have Donny Cizek from Traverse City West listed, he was the starting quarterback for the Titans all year and not a WR. You may have been thinking of Tyler Johnson #6 their leading WR this year???

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      I know he played QB. In combine results I had, he was listed as a WR, so figured he could play that too, since he ran a 4.6, and he wasn’t going to make the top 10 QB cutoff and wanted to get his name in there somehow.

  4. Is this for kickers as well?

  5. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

    Kickers will have an opportunity to exchange highlight DVDs with college coaches after the event.

  6. Are parents or coaches permitted to come and observe.

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      Yes, parents and coaches are invited to come and watch. Please note that seating is limited.

  7. How am I supposed to see my results if I was not in the top 10?

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      They will be posted.

  8. Is this camp just testing our 40 yard dash? or are they doing the bench press and pro agility shuffle?

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      Just 40 for this one. Rest will be position work.

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