Becoming a collegiate student-athlete does not just depend on your ability to play football well.  There are many rules and standards a prospective student-athlete must adhere to in order to make their dreams come true.  This page features content to help student-athletes, parents, and coaches prepare for a successful transition from high school to college.

Your first stop: NCAA Eligibility Center

NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete


Need more help? Childress Sports Consulting provides educational workshops for high school student-athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic directors. Bring CSC to your school for an interactive, informative, and inspiring presentation on the college student-athlete recruiting experience.


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  1. Can parents stay and watch and is there a fee

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      The event is free to spectators and parents are invited to watch. Please be advised that spectator seating is limited. Thanks!

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