Becoming a collegiate student-athlete does not just depend on your ability to play football well.  There are many rules and standards a prospective student-athlete must adhere to in order to make their dreams come true.  This page features content to help student-athletes, parents, and coaches prepare for a successful transition from high school to college.

Your first stop: NCAA Eligibility Center

NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete

Play On Saturdays: How to Land a Football Scholarship eBook

Road Map to Initial Eligibility

NCAA Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet

National ACT Testing Dates

NCAA Registration Check List

Amateurism Certification Process

Need more help? Childress Sports Consulting provides educational workshops for high school student-athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic directors. Bring CSC to your school for an interactive, informative, and inspiring presentation on the college student-athlete recruiting experience.


2 responses

  1. Can parents stay and watch and is there a fee

    1. Senior Staff Writer | Reply

      The event is free to spectators and parents are invited to watch. Please be advised that spectator seating is limited. Thanks!

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