St. Francis’ Bott defensive standout at LMFR Combine

Outstanding Defensive Prospect

Tim Bott  5-10  175  Jr  LB  Traverse City St. Francis: He came in and carried himself with the confidence gained from developing in one of the state’s most historic and successful programs, then showed that it was more than just in his head with a big-time combine performance under the gun. His 4.50-second 40-yard dash was the second fastest time, then Bott placed third in the vertical leap at 33 2/3 inches, third in the pro agility in 4.16 seconds and had a top 10 power ball toss of 36 feet. At his size coaches will want to see Bott’s transition to safety, but he certainly has the tools with which to work.

All-Combine Defense

  • DL Dan VanOpstall  6-6  220  So  Jenison
  • DL Ike Moore  6-0  255  Jr  Comstock Park
  • DL Raymond Cunningham  6-3  265  So  Charlevoix
  • LB Toby Hulst  6-1  210  So  Grand Rapids South Christian
  • LB Ethan Hart  6-2  210  Jr  Hastings
  • LB Dalton Agers  5-10  210  Jr  Hudsonville
  • LB Brett Taylor  6-0  220  So  Comstock Park
  • DB Nolan Fugate  6-1  202  So  Grand Rapids Catholic Central
  • DB Erik Walker  5-8  160  Jr  Dowagiac
  • DB Jalen Raninga  5-11  175  Jr  Grandville
  • UTL Alex Riggs  6-0  205  Jr  Comstock Park

Isley dominates LMFR Combine

Now in its fourth year, the Lake Michigan Football Report’s Grand Rapids Combine has been both a venue for established players to defend their reputations, and unknown prospects make their names. Here are the outstanding offensive players from the 2016 LMFR Combine.

Outstanding Prospect

Nick Isley  6-2  200  Jr  RB  Rockford: He was Rockford’s leading rusher as a junior at a healthy 8 yards a pop. Look for him to explode as a senior with Tyler Bradfield having graduated. Isley showed off his physical bonafides here in what may have been the most dominating combine performance in the event’s four-year history. He recorded the top marks in the 40-yard dash, 4.47 seconds; powerball toss, 43-feet; and vertical leap, 35 1/4″.

Outstanding Offensive Prospect

Drew Couturier  5-10  145  Jr  WR  Allendale: He was the Lake Area All-Junior Team offensive MVP after a junior season in which Couturier made 14 TD catches. Now he follows that up with a big-time combine showing. Dismiss him because of his size at your own risk, he’s fearless and can fly. Even when he didn’t make the catch it could be spectacular, like when he laid out horizontal in the air just to get his hands on a throw. He repeatedly freed himself in his routes with initial quickness then breakaway speed. Couturier had the third-best 40-time, 4.54 seconds; No. 5 vertical leap, 33 1/3″; and top 10 pro agility drill, 4.25 seconds.

All-Combine Offense

  • OL Joe Hruska  6-4  265  Jr  Kalamazoo Loy-Norrix
  • OL Dane Stanbaugh  6-4  335  Jr  Lake Odessa Lakewood
  • OL Mason Shirrell  6-5  210  Jr  Muskegon Orchard View
  • OL Lane Potter  6-3  270  Jr  Hudsonville
  • OL Reide Klinger  6-4  280  Jr  Jenison
  • TE Austin Lewis  6-4  190  So  Fennville
  • QB Jakob Kurnat  6-0  150  So  Byron Center
  • RB Shane Tagg  6-0  195  So  Byron Center
  • RB Christopher Chin  5-11  195  So  Byron Center
  • WR Sam Neville  6-3  196  Jr  Grand Rapids West Catholic
  • WR Joshua Atwell  5-10  185  Jr  Grandville

The First 40: Lake Area 2017 Prospect Rankings

  1. Phil Paea  6-4  270  Jr  OL/DL  Berrien Springs  Michigan
  2. Andrew Ward  6-2  215  Jr  LB  Muskegon
  3. Corey Malone Hatcher  6-3  245  Jr  LB  St. Joseph
  4. Nate Umlor  6-6  245  Jr  DL/TE  Allendale  Western Michigan
  5. Brayden Smith  6-4  180  Jr  DB  Byron Center  Western Michigan
  6. Kalil Pimpleton 5-7  150  Jr  ATH  Muskegon  Virginia Tech
  7. Johnathan Berhorst  6-3  260  Jr  DL  Zeeland East
  8. Jacorey Sullivan  6-3  205  Jr  WR/DB  Muskegon
  9. Keegan Coussou  6-5  225  Jr  TE  Greenville  Central Michigan
  10. Sam Neville  6-3  195  Jr  WR/DB  Grand Rapids West Catholic
  11. Connor Chupailo  6-4  260  Jr  OL  Zeeland West
  12. Walker Christoffersen  5-9  175  Jr  ATH  Muskegon Catholic Central
  13. Ben Sherwin  6-5  240  Jr  DL/OL  Traverse City Central
  14. Blake Dunn  5-11  170  Jr  ATH  Saugatuck  Western Michigan (baseball)
  15. Chase Fairfield  6-4  215  Jr  TE  North Muskegon
  16. John Pupel  6-1  180  Jr  DB  Traverse City Central
  17. Evan Plate  6-3  220  Jr  LB  Greenville  Central Michigan
  18. Jayk Slager  6-4  230  Jr  DL/TE  Zeeland West
  19. Erik Dithazy  6-5  260  Jr  OL  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern  Central Michigan
  20. Nick Isley  6-2  200  Jr  RB  Rockford
  21. Drew Couturier  5-10  145  WR/DB  Allendale
  22. Jack Mandryk  6-1  175  Jr  ATH  Hudsonville
  23. Turner Ruby  6-4  285  Jr  OL  East Kentwood
  24. Steven Spenner  6-3  215  Jr  LB  Berrien Springs
  25. Patrick DiPiazza  6-3  260  Jr  OL  Cedar Springs
  26. Julian Sheriff  5-11  220  Jr  RB  Bridgman
  27. Ben Alvarez  6-1  205  Jr  LB  Portage Central
  28. LaTommy Scott  5-7  160  Jr  RB  Muskegon Catholic Central
  29. Ricky Clark  6-0  180  Jr  DB  Schoolcraft
  30. Duke Angers  6-1  230  Jr  LB  Maple City Glen Lake
  31. Levi Finley  6-4  290  Jr  OL  Mattawan
  32. Veronell Smith  6-0   190  Jr  RB  North Muskegon
  33. Michael Doyle  6-4  225  Jr  DL  Lowell
  34. Zach Zenner  5-10  175  Jr  DB  Grand Rapdis West Catholic
  35. Autin McCullough  6-4  190  WR  Portage Central
  36. Joe Hruska  6-4  265  Jr  OL  Kalamazoo Loy-Norrix
  37. Reide Klinger  6-4  280  OL  Jenison
  38. Lane Potter  6-3  270  Jr  OL  Hudsonville
  39. Nick Kunkel  6-1  255  Jr  DL  Holland Christian
  40. Tim Bott  5-10  175  Jr  DB  Traverse City St. Francis

Signing Day 2016: The Lake Area Top 100


1. Hunter Broermsa  6-0  190  WR  Muskegon Mona Shores  Western Michigan
2. Zach VanValkenburg  6-4  240  DL/LB  Zeeland West  Hillsdale
3. Jacob Cerny  6-5  295  OL  Traverse City West  Illinois
4. Tyler Bradfield  5-11  190  ATH  Rockford  Grand Valley State
5. Michael VanHoeven  6-5  300  OL  Paw Paw  Eastern Michigan
6. Nolan Meekhof  6-1  230  RB  Grandville  Davenport
7. Darece Roberson  5-9  160  WR/DB  Muskegon Mona Shores  Western Michigan
8. James Wyrick  5-9  205  RB  Grand Rapids Ottawa Hills  Ferris State
9. Trenton Fincher  6-8  305  OL  East Kentwood  San Diego State
10. Keidren Davis  6-5  220  TE  Grand Rapids Union  Toledo
11. Chris Veenstra  6-6  240  DL/TE  Wyoming  Northern Michigan
12. Kobe Burse  6-2  210  WR/DB  Muskegon Mona Shores  Miami-OH
13. Carl Myers  6-3  260  DL  Grand Rapids West Catholic  Michigan
14. Christian Boyd  6-2  270  DL  Muskegon Mona Shores
15. Gabe Baumann  6-3  260  DL  Rockford  Northern Michigan
16. Gabe Steed  6-1  180  WR  Lowell
17. Pat Naughton  6-2  185  QB  Comstock Park
18. Michael Williams  5-9  175  ATH  Wyoming  Davenport
19. Keegan Golder  6-4  270  OL  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern  Grand Valley State
20. Marlon Dorsey  6-1  175  DB  East Kentwood  Davenport
21. Khylin Barton 6-3  180  WR  Zeeland East  Michigan State
22. Derices Brown  6-2  280  OL/DL  Muskegon
23. Tyler Lyle  6-1  215  LB  Kalamazoo Central  Eastern Michigan
24. Brendan Oosse  6-2  240  DL  East Grand Rapids  Hillsdale
25. Jake Martin  6-0  190  QB  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern
26. Ryan Knight  6-2  200  WR  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern  Northern Michigan
27. Juanye Johnson  6-3  275  OL  Muskegon  Ferris State
28. Jake Boonstra  6-4  285  OL  Grand Rapids Kenowa HIlls  Ferris State
29. Jamari Booker  6-0  180  LB/DB  East Kentwood
30. Monterio Smith  5-10  180  RB  Comstock Park  Siena Heights
31. Dom Shermeta  6-0  215  LB  Muskegon Mona Shores  Davenport
32. James Cooper  6-3  170  WR  Muskegon Oakridge  Ferris State
33. Luke Sage  6-1  195  LB  Boyne City
34. Daryn Snow  6-3  190  WR  Portage Northern
35. Jacob Buchberger  6-1  185  ATH  Montague  Davenport
36. Evan MacCauley  6-2  280  OL/DL  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern  Grand Valley State
37. Adam Farah  6-1  180  WR  Forest Hills Northern  Air Force
38. David Curl  6-3  250  DL  Watervliet  Ferris State
39. Simeon Smith  6-6  205  WR/TE  Kalamazoo Loy-Norrix  Michigan
40. TJ Swore  6-2  200  WR  Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian
41. Keyante Carpenter  5-9  175  DB  Muskegon  Ferris State
42. Taylor VanDyke  6-3  215  LB/TE  Cedar Springs
43. Brent Murray  5-10  190  RB/LB  Petoskey  Hillsdale
44. James Haverkamp  6-6  260  OL  Grand Rapids Christian
45. Mike Bordeaux  6-3  285  OL  Muskegon Mona Shores
46. Conner Nemers  6-1  185  WR  Grand Rapids West Catholic
47. Devin Moore  6-5  225  TE/LB  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern  Yale
48. Kyle Augustine  6-3  320  OL  Gaylord  Northern Michigan
49. Brenden Bott  6-4 260 DL  Grand Rapids Kenowa Hills  Davenport
50. Malik Smith  5-9  5-9  210  RB  Boyne City  Michigan State
51. Mitchell Davis  6-5  260  OL  Lowell  Hillsdale
52. Tyler Lamica  6-3  205  LB  Grand Rapids Christian  Robert Morris
53. David Williams  6-3  225  LB  Holland Christian
54. Nate Jones  6-1  205  LB  Muskegon Catholic Central  Hillsdale
55. Nick Turowski  6-1  180  WR  Comstock Park  Michigan Tech
56. Dante Razzano  6-2  190  ATH  Dowagiac  Michigan State
57. Jordan Brewer  6-2  180  WR  St. Joseph
58. Karson Murley  6-1  290  OL  Lowell  Ferris State
59. Jacob Lechner  6-2  260  OL  Harbor Springs  Michigan Tech
60. Ian Vandenberg  6-1  190  ATH  Paw Paw
61. Michael Holdship  6-0  215  LB/RB  Cadillac
62. Gourney Sloan 6-0  165  WR/DB  East Grand Rapids  Davenport
63. Casey Brinks  6-0  170  DB  Zeeland West
64. Jared Mika  6-0  195  LB  Grand Rapids Catholic Central
65. Ryan Stevens  6-1  175  QB  Lowell
66. Evan Whitmore  6-3  215  QB  Petoskey
67. Lukas Thompson  6-0  180  DB/WR  Grand Rapids Christian
68. Nate Lay  6-0  250  DL  Zeeland West
69. Spencer Peterson  6-5  230  QB  Grand Rapids NorthPointe Christian  Wheaton
70. Jacob Tumele  6-3  230  DL  Muskegon Orchard View  Davenport
71. Dujuan Thomas  5-9  160  DB  East Kentwood
72. Luke Bakker  6-0  190  LB/DB  West Ottawa  Northwood
73. Miles Jones  6-2  205  DB/WR  Grand Rapids Christian  Ferris State
74. Brandon Sturgeon  5-11  190  RB  Portage Central
75. Kurtis Schultz  6-3  235  DL  Grand Rapids West Catholic
76. Nick Brown  6-7  240  OL  Muskegon Mona Shores  Concordia
77. Shane Foster  6-1  210 LB/RB  Gaylord  Northern Michigan
78. Lucas Marion  6-4  210  LB/TE  Lake City  Michigan Tech
79. Cody Rabach  6-5  215  TE/DL  Fruitport  Michigan Tech
80. Michael Clifford  6-0  165  DB  East Grand Rapids
81. Tanner Kruzel  6-1  200  TE/LB  Northern Michigan
82. Malik McIntyre  5-10  185  RB  Berrien Springs
83. Andy Rietveld  6-6  300  OL  Saugatuck
84. Bret Patton  6-2  190  WR  East Kentwood  Carthage
85. Jackson Ammon  6-2  235  TE  Rockford
86. Dakota Geurink  6-1  185  DB  Zeeland West
87. Caleb Wisniski  6-4  255  OL  Onekama  Ferris State
88. Tyler Woodwyck  6-2  255  DL  Hudsonville
89. Ian Woodruff  6-2  270  OL  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern
90. Ben Hoerle  6-4  280  OL  Grand Rapids Christian
91. Jean Pierre Nkolo  6-2  235  DL  East Kentwood  Davenport
92. Terrion Hill-McKay  6-1  205  LB  Muskegon
93. Taylor Pelton  6-2  195  LB  Reed City  Michigan Tech
94. Garrett Lundteigan  5-9  180  DB  Petoskey
95. Sam Matthews  6-2  190  TE/WR  East Grand Rapids
96. Andrew Madison  6-6  235  TE  East Kentwood
97. Jacob Steelman  6-1  270  OL  Traverse City Central  Davenport
98. Braden Schrotenboer  6-6  235  OL  Zeeland East
99. Cameron Wright  6-3  290  OL  Grant
100. Derek Boone  6-4  225  DL/OL  Watervliet

2016 Lake Michigan Football Combine registration now open! Join us on March 19th!

Lake Michigan Football Report Combine

Calling all college football prospects from the classes of 2017, 2018, 2019!

The 2016 Lake Michigan Football Combine will take place on Saturday, March 19, 2016, at MVP Sports Spot in Grand Rapids, MI.

Join top players from around the state and the Midwest for an afternoon of combine testing and one-on-one drills. More details about the event and registration information are located here:

Forest Hills Eastern’s Knight Senior Camp MVP

He was a prolific receiver under two quarterbacks during his career at Forest Hills Eastern and as a senior a crucial weapon on the best team in school history. Ryan Knight caught 49 passes for 873 yards and 10 TDs on FHE’s Division 4 state semifinalist. After the season, he showed the physical bona fides and skill that helped that success at the Lake Michigan Football Report Senior Camp in Grand Rapids, where he was named the top prospect.

Knight came down wrong on an ankle later in the day, but he’d already shown enough. He has a college physique at 6-2, 200 and buoyed those tools with a pair of 4.6 40-yard dashes. Not only is Knight an ideal target, but he was able to make adjustments and go get the ball. Throw in grades and test score, and any GLIAC program looking for a red zone receiver should be all over him.

All-Lake Area: First Team Offense

OL Keegan Golder 6-5 270 Sr Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern
A plus athlete at right tackle who emerged as a star in his third year as a starter for the school-best 11-2 Hawks. Golder anchored an offense that averaged over 37 points a game before running into state champion Zeeland West in the Division 4 semifinals. MAC level prospect with his frame and feet (athletic enough that he sometimes lined up at tight end).

OL Phil Paea 6-4 270 Jr Berrien Springs
Division 5 Berrien Springs, of all places, is emerging as a hotbed of Power 5 line prospects. Nick Padla is at MSU, Johnny Williams is at Notre Dame, and now comes Paea, who already has a BYU offer while being recruited by half the Big Ten. The former fullback is an athletic guard who helped clear the way for Malik McIntyre’s big senior season running the ball.

OL Mitchell Davis 6-5 260 Sr Lowell
With Davis at tackle and fellow senior Karson Morley at guard, the right side of Lowell’s line was as tough as any in the Lake Area. The Division 2 state runners-up averaged 43 points per game.

OL Michael VanHoeven 6-5 300 Sr Paw Paw
While skill injuries slowed down a typically potent Paw Paw attack, VanHoeven was an All-Wolverine Conference guard for the third straight season. With Thiyo Lukusa moving to New Jersey and Traverse City West’s Jacob Cerny hurt. VanHoeven was the top ranked line prospect in the Lake Area. He committed early to Eastern Michigan and recently passed on a preferred walk on offer to Notre Dame.

OL Derices Brown 6-1 280 Sr Muskegon
A three-year starter at guard who helped the transition for junior QB Kalil Pimpleton, who emerged as one of the most feared weapons in the Lake Area both running and throwing for 1,000 yards apiece. A grinder at the point of attack but athletic enough to get into the second level, Brown also played on the D line the only Big Red to go both ways.

QB Ryan Stevens 6-2 165 Sr Lowell
He fulfilled the expectations of the Lowell QB legacy, leading the Red Arrows to the Division 2 state final. Stevens threw for 2,737 yards and 31 TDs while running for 1,107 yards and 21 TDs.

RB Monterio Smith 5-10 180 Sr Comstock Park
Comstock Park’s answer to Ronnie Harmon catching balls out of the backfield. He made 74 catches for 993 yards and 12 TDs while running it 109 times for 706 yards and 16 TDs.

RB Nolan Meekhof 6-1 230 Sr Grandville
No back in the Lake Area shared Meekhof’s combination of size and speed. In eight games for the Bulldogs (they were 6-2 when Meekhof played, 0-2 without him), he rushed for 1,224 yards and 10 TDs on 173 carries. He also had a TD catch. Meekhof recently received a preferred walk on offer from Minnesota.

WR Hunter Boersma 6-2 190 Sr Muskegon Mona Shores
The Lake Area’s top ranked senior prospect, headed to WMU, did it all for the 10-1 Sailors. A repeat All-Area selection, Broersma started both ways and also saw time at QB and had seven TD catches while also scoring TDs via the run, pass, punt return and interception return.

WR Gabe Steed 6-1 180 Sr Lowell
A game-breaker since being called up during his sophomore season, Steed is a repeat All-Lake selection. During the regular season he had 30 receptions for 673 yards and 11 TDs. He also started at cornerback for the Red Arrows.

WR Nick Turowski 6-1 180 Sr Comstock Park
Hooked up with senior QB Pat Naughton for one of the most prolific receiving seasons in Lake Area history. Turowski had 113 receptions — a state record — for 1,474 yards and 12 TDs. His 18 catches against Allendale are also a state record.

All-Lake Area: First Team Defense

DL Zach VanValkenburg 6-4 240 Sr Zeeland West
A middle linebacker as a junior who moved back to his more natural hybrid end spot, where VanValkenburg dominated for the Division 4 state champion Dux. He made 60 tackles, including 20 behind the line. He also started on offense at right tackle.

DL Carl Myers 6-3 260 Sr Grand Rapids West Catholic
He continues the West Catholic tradition of having dominant defensive linemen on state championship teams. Myers was bull strong at his right end position making 55 tackles and also went the other way as the Falcons’ right tackle on offense.

DL Nate Umlor 6-6 245 Jr Allendale
With St. Joseph’s Corey Hatcher-Malone injured, Umlor emerged as the top active college prospect in the Lake Area’s 2017 class, a high-major recruit as either a defensive end or tight end.

LB Dom Shermeta 6-0 215 Sr Muskegon Mona Shores
He was Mona Shores leading tackler for three years, which coincided with the best seasons in school history. He made 75 tackles for the Sailors and was also their leading rusher.

LB Max Dean 5-11 185 Sr Lowell
The stalwart of a defense that got the Red Arrows to the Division 2 state championship game. Dean led Lowell with 76 tackles, including 9 ½ sacks, during their regular season which included an undefeated O-K White title.

LB Nate Jones 6-1 205 Sr Muskegon Catholic Central
He was a four-year starter for the Crusaders, including three state championship teams. Jones made 80 tackles and fie interceptions for the Division 8 state titlist.

LB Luke Sage 6-1 195 Sr Boyne City
A repeat selection who led the Ramblers to consecutive Division 6 district crowns. Sage had 141 tackles, including 21 for loss, and over 400 as a three-year starter.

DB Jacob Buchberger 6-1 185 Sr Montague
He led the Lake Area with 11 intceptions and made 70 tackles for a team that went undefeated in the West Michigan Conference. As Montague’s QB, Buchberger ran for 1,531 yards and 21 TDs and threw for 1,005 and 15 TDs.

DB Tyler Bradfield 6-0 200 Sr Rockford
A repeat All-Lake selection, and justifiably so as Bradfield will go down as one of the best all-around players in Rockford history. He had 70 tackles, including six for loss, and two interceptions (one of them a 74-yard TD return). Bradfield also ran for two TDs, passed for a TD, caught seven TDs and returned two kicks for TDs.

DB Brayden Smith 6-4 180 Jr Byron Center
A rangy safety with a three-foot vertical leap who made 53 stops for the Bulldogs’ Division 2 playoff team. On offense he 626 yards and 10 TDs, while from special teams Smith was named an all-state punter.

DB Jake Sypniweski 5-10 160 Sr Grand Rapids Forest Hills Eastern
Key member of a defense that helped FHE to an historic season, winning a regional in Division 4. Sypniewski’s eight interceptions were the most of anyone from an O-K conference team, while making 50 tackles. Offensively he scored six TDs.

All-Lake Area: 2017 Team

  • This is the sixth installment of the fourth-annual Lake Michigan Football Report post-season honors, the Class of 2017 team for juniors who didn’t make either their division or Overall All-Area Offensive and Defensive Teams. Unlike the LMFR’s prospect rankings, the All-Lake teams are based on players’ performances in the 2015 season, not college potential.

OL  Nick White  6-1  260  Jr  Grand Rapids Forest Hills Central
OL  Turner Ruby  6-4  285  Jr  East Kentwood
OL  Reide Klinger  6-4  265  Jr  Jenison
OL  Lane Potter  6-3  265  Jr  Hudsonville
OL  Caleb TenBroeke  6-1  215  Jr  Zeeland West
TE  Connor Chupailo  6-4  260  Jr  Zeeland West
TE  Keegan Coussou  6-5  225  Jr  Greenville
QB  Griffin Beaudette  6-0  165  Jr  St. Joseph
RB  Nick Isley  6-3  180  Jr  Rockford
RB  Vernonell Smith  6-0  190  Jr  North Muskegon
WR  Jacorey Sullivan  6-3  205  Jr  Muskegon

MVP Drew Couturier 5-10 140 Jr WR Allendale

DL Ben Sherwin 6-5 240 Jr Traverse City Central
DL Michael Doyle  6-4  225  Jr  Lowell
DL Kyle Koetje 6-2 225 Jr Montague
LB Fitz Doud 6-1 195 Jr Traverse City Central
LB Jordan Watkins 5-7 170 Jr Fennville
LB Levi Six 5-9 175 Jr LB Fruitport
DB John Pupel 6-1 180 Jr Traverse City Central
DB Eric Coley 5-9 175 Jr Portage Northern
DB DJ Lowery 5-10 175 Jr Remus Chippewa Hills
DB Zach Zenner 5-10 175 Jr Grand Rapids West Catholic
DB Brady Paganelli 5-10 160 Jr Grandville

MVP Walker Christoffersen 5-9 175 Jr DB Muskegon Catholic Central

Playoff Picks: Saturday’s State Final

  • Predicted winners are italicized.
  • All games are played at Detroit’s Ford Field.
  • Playoff picks record: 72-16.

Division 5
Grand Rapids West Catholic 11-2 vs. River Rouge 12-1, 4:30 pm
And then there was one! What a program River Rouge has become. But their time isn’t quite yet. West Catholic has so many weapons, especially now with a healthy David Fox back in the lineup.


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