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Defensive Standouts from LMFR Combine

Make Danil Young an honorary member or the Rat Pack. It was hard not to hum “Me and My Shadow” while watching the Grandville junior lock it down as a cover man in one-on-one drills at the Lake Michigan Football Report Combine. He was equally adept turning and going, or reading underneath routes and going into drape mode. Cover 0, Young was anything but a zero. In the testing, Young cracked the 4.6s in the 40 and one of the top five pro shuttle times. Coaches will have to determine if his agility, technique and instincts outweigh what isn’t elite burst or speed.

If Young has Westside coverage options, Northern Michigan’s playmaker as a QB or receiver but perhaps a future brightest in the defensive backfield is Ogemaw Heights‘ Ben Hartley. Rangy at 6-2, 180, ran sub-4.7; free stride, instinctive athlete. Showed off his QB pedigree with how he read and reacted to routes.

Caledonia’s 6-0, 175 junior Lougan Soule was strong off the ball and in coverage. He was part of a contingent of Caledonia players who are just tough, blue-collar all-around athletes who will find a way to contribute, like their QB 5-11, 170 senior Kobe Wilson or one of the combine’s best overall performers 6-0, 205 junior Eddie Kelly. Also from Caledonia is a sophomore linebakcer, 6-3, 200 Zane Gorby, who is he gets as fit as some of his older teammates will be trouble.

Zach VanValkenburg is touted as the next do-it-all D1 prospect after JordanVanDort from the powerhouse Zeeland West program. While he lacks the sheer mass of JVD, ZVV is impressive in his own right. He’s a 6-3, 210 Dux sophomore who worked out primarily as a hand-down 5 technique.  Flexible but coiled and quick off the snap, loves the swim move and can complete a play. Like so many underclassmen, college future will depend on if he bulks up or can can speed and prove something in pass coverage. As he adds strength could see VanValkenburg as a 4-3 middle linebacker as well.

VanValkenburg wasn’t the only underclassman D line prospect showing bursts of potential. Grand Rapids West Catholic has had an amazing run up front with Daniel Green, Mitchell Stanitzek, Bryce Windham and sophomore Carl Myers in successive classes. All four are quite different players. Myers is a 6-2, 240 two-way lineman. He tested very well for his age in both speed and strength.

The top 2015  linemen were Comstock Park’s Mike Egeler, East Grand Rapids’ Victor Williams and Vicksburg’s Jarrad Whited. 6-4, 225 Comstock Park junior Egeler could be the third GLIAC lineman in as many years produced by the Panthers, after former LMFR camp stars Blake Mazur (Ferris State) and Ryan Gruszka (Saginaw Valley State). They’re three different players, Mazur a big guy who’d duke it out, Gruszka just one of those guys with special sense for getting to the QB. Egeler isn’t as strong as Mazur, nor does he get lean like Gruszka. But he has a big, square frame that you can do a lot of things with, and plays stout at the point of attack. Likely a 3-4 defensive end; could also play tight end.

East Grand Rapids’s 6-2, 269 junior Victor Williams impressed both in drills and test. He mixed up moves in his pass rush, with good balance, timing and explosive strength. There was another O-K Red lineman who looked intriguing when he started to run at 6-4, 225, but West Ottawa junior Darrius Moragne pulled up lame in that very first 40 attempt and couldn’t compete the rest of the day.

Whited’s performance was no shock. He always shows up, whether as one of the top underclassman at the 2013 combine, his terrific junior season film, or working out here as a defensive and tight end. He’s sub-5.0 at 6-2, 225 with strong closing speed. Plays with a mean streak. Offensively, he took advantage of his strength to separate and also had good concentration bringing it in under duress.

He’s not the athlete of the first three 2015 lineman, but Reed City’s TJ Patterson does some good things. He’s quick and strong at a 6-3, 260 junior, a GLIAC interior guy on one side of the ball or the other. From even further up 131, 6-3, 185 Cole Butler is a sleeper prospect at linebacker, well-coached and a smooth if not explosive all-around athlete.

A couple juniors who would jump to the top of this list if they went full pads are 2013 All-Lake picks Smith Saenbouttarath from Zeeland West and Elk Rapids’ Dillon Thompson. At 5-11, 270 Saenbouttarath makes up for reach with how he gets low and is quick for his size. Thompson looks more like a linebacker at 6-0, 230, but with a built similar and pass-rush technique that reminds of former combine standout Jacob Howe (Grand Valley State).

The top middle linebacker prospects by class were West Ottawa’s 5-10, 210 junior Mason Dekker and Cadillac’s 6-0, 210 sophomore Michael Holdship. Dekker will be a three-year tackling machine in the O-K Red, better at play speed than time speed. Holdship was an impressive two-way player as only a 10th-grader on Cadillac’s historic team, and showed here the athletic bonafides as well, with a 4.68 40. He plays with pop either with or without the ball, kid’s a truck. Other 2016 linebackers to remember are 6-0, 220 Trevor Shurlow from Lowell and 6-2, 180 Jonas LaMont from Onekama. Not often you hear those schools’ football teams in the same sentence.

The top all-around testing junior linebackers were Fruitport’s 6-1, 190 Nathan Kriger and from Independence, Tenn. 6-0, 175 Dom Childress.  Kriger had the combine’s quickest shuttle time and a 4.7 40. Childress ran a 4.66 40 and looked capable both running or defending routes.

Don’t look for Lake Area D line talent to diminish. From 2017, 6-5, 225 Nate Umlor started as a freshman Allendale and competed like a varsity player. He looks the part all around, and has the wingspan you like. Another freshman, 6-4, 213 Jayk Slager from Zeeland West, ran a sub-5.0 40. Also for 2017, West Catholic’s 6-1, 192 freshman David Fox moves really well for his age, too good an athlete for the Falcons not to find a spot for him in the fall.


Underclassman All-Combine Team

QB  Tanner Christian  5-11  176  So  Caledonia
OL  Michael VanHoeven  6-5  255  So  Paw Paw
OL  Karson Murley  6-1  280  So  Lowell
OL  Mason Shirrell  6-3  215  Fr  Muskegon Orchard View
OL  Colton Overway  6-2  275  So  Zeeland West
OL  Josiah VanTil  6-1  200  Fr  Middleville
RB  Nolan Meekhof  6-1  217  So  Grandville
RB  Ryan Graham  5-10  160  Fr  East Jordan
TE  Jayk Slager  6-4  213  Fr  Zeeland West
WR  Shane Harris  5-8  150  So  East Kentwood
WR  Joe VandePol  6-1  165  Fr  Wyoming Tri-Unity Christian

DL  Carl Myers  6-2  240  So  Grand Rapids West Catholic
DL  Zach VanValkenburg  6-3  210  So  Zeeland West
DL  Nate Umlor  6-5  210  Fr  Allendale
DL  Nathan Lay  6-0  225  So  Zeeland West
DL  Keegan Cossou  6-5  200  Fr  Greenville
LB  Trevor Shurlow  6-0  200  So  Lowell
LB  Jonas LaMont  6-2  180  So  Onekama
LB  David Fox  6-1  192  Fr  Grand Rapids West Catholic
LB  Michael Holdship  6-0  210  So  Cadillac
DB  Jared Yarbrough  5-7  165  So  Paw Paw
DB  Casey Brinks  5-11  164  So  Zeeland West
DB  Marshall Kilgore  5-11  150  Fr  Comstock Park

Class of 2015 All-Combine Team

QB  Kyle Friberg  6-1  175  Jr  East Kentwood
RB  Jacob Geter  5-8  170  Jr  Plainwell
RB  Nick Jasch  5-10  180  Jr  Zeeland West
OL  Bryce Wilker  6-5  285  Jr  Belding
OL  TJ Patterson  6-3  260  Jr  Reed City
OL  Caleb Brinks  6-0  280  Jr  Hudsonville Unity Christian
OL  Cody Mattison  6-3  275  Jr  Parchment
OL  James Driesenga  5-10  202  Jr  Zeeland West
TE  Braden Carl  6-4  190  Jr  West Ottawa
WR  Dylan Collis  5-11  185  Jr  Fremont
WR  Darnel Jarrett  5-10  162  Jr  Pickering, Ont.

DL  Victor Williams  6-2  269  Jr  East Grand Rapids
DL  Jarrad Whited  6-2  225  Jr  Vicksburg
DL  Mike Egeler  6-4  225  Jr  Comstock Park
DL Trevor Raby  6-4  225  Jr  Zeeland West
LB  Mason Dekker  5-10  210  Jr  West Ottawa
LB  Nathan Kriger  6-1  190  Jr  Fruitport
LB  Eddie Kelly  6-0  205  Jr  Caledonia
DB  Danil Young  5-10  180  Jr  Grandville
DB  Dom Childress  6-0  175  Jr  Independence, Tenn.
DB  Ben Hartley  6-2  180  Jr  West Branch Ogemaw Heights
DB  Logan Soule  6-0  175  Jr  Caledonia

Standout Offensive Linemen from LMFR Combine

The 2014 Lake Michigan Football Report Combine was loaded with offensive linemen. While this year’s group didn’t have as much name recognition — yet — it may have been just as talented. The breakout performer was 6-5, 255 sophomore Michael VanHoeven from Paw Paw. The baby-faced big kid was an all-league guard as a 10th-grader and it was easy to see why. VanHoeven consistently had the loudest hits in one-on-ones. He played through the whistle and finished his blocks; got good leverage, when he remembered to plant. While he may not have the speed to be a tackle, VanHoeven still tested overall as one of the best big guys in attendance including the quickest pro shuttle. Making him that much more attractive to college programs will be his 4.0 gpa.

Another 2016 prospect, 6-1, 280 Karson Murley from state power Lowell, got a wake-up call with the first hit of the day, got angry, and was dialed in the rest of the way. He consistently won the battle for pad level. Good kickout in pass block and was able to maneuver his man wide.

The best-known O-line prospect coming in was Bryce Wilker, a 6-5, 285 junior from Belding. He is their left tackle, but projects as a blue-collar interior at the next level. Very good run blocker, violent hands, improving in space. Looked good running at his size with a 5.3 40. Improved strength and flexibility will only help his already solid stock.

Reed City’s 6-3, 260 junior TJ Patterson provided the push for one of the Lake Area’s most potent running games last fall. He was really quick out of his stance to deliver hits. Another impressive junior was 6-0, 280 Caleb Brinks from Hudsonville Unity Christian. Barrel-chested kid moved well with a 5.16 40. Could see him going either way, reminds of East Jordan senior Ben Walton, who signed with Northwood.

Zeeland West’s 6-4, 225 junior Trevor Raby was one of our favorite 2015 tackles from the fall. He worked out with the tight ends, the position he’ll play this season replacing Jordan VanDort. Defending Divisoin 4 state champion West also must replace stalwart center AJ Tinholt, and 6-2, 275 sohomore Colton Overway looks like an option there though he’ll have to improve his quickness, while junior James Driesenga steps in at tackle. He’s small at 5-10, 202, but showed strong technique and was able to lock up and redirect larger D linemen.

One of the younger offensive linemen and one to watch was 6-3, 215 2017 prospect Mason Shirrell, who started as a freshman for Muskegon Orchard View.

Top 10 Powerball Tosses from LMFR Combine

40’1  Nolan Meekhof  6-1  217  So  Grandville
37’8  John Green  5-7  175  Jr  Reed City
37’8 Caleb McNitt  6-2  210  Jr  West Ottawa
37’1  Michael Holdship  6-0  210  So  Cadillac
36’9  Jacob Geter  5-8  170  Jr  Plainwell
36’5  Victor Williams  6-2  269  Jr  East Grand Rapids
36’4  Carl Myers  6-2  240  So  Grand Rapids West Catholic
36’4  Adam Trautman  6-4  205  Jr  Elk Rapids
36’2  Elroy Payne  5-10  210  Jr  Holland
34’7  Drake Fincannon  5-9  170  Fr  Zeeland West
34’6  Trenton Monroe  6-1  210  Jr  Plainwell
34’3  Austin Rohr  6-1  180  Jr  Plainwell
33’7  Dom Childress  6’0  175  Independence, Tenn.
33’7  David Fox  6-1  192  Fr  Grand Rapids West Catholic
33’7  Nick Jasch  5-10  180  Jr  Zeeland West
33’7  Eddie Kelly  6-0  205  Jr  Caledonia

Top 10 Standing Verticals from LMFR Combine

37″ Jacob Geter 5-8 170 Jr Plainwell
34 1/2″ David Cutts 5’11 180 Jr East Kentwood
33 1/2″ Dom Childress 6-0 175 Jr Independence, Tenn.
33 1/2″ Nick Jasch 5-10 180 Jr Zeeland West
33 1/2″ Keimon Carter 5-8 145 So Comstock Park
32 3/4″ Eddie Kelly 6-0 205 Jr Caledonia
32 1/3″ Kevin Smith 5-9 135 Jr East Kentwood
31 3/4″ Jared Yarbrough 5-7 165 So Paw Paw
31 1/2” Brandon Childress 6-3 185 Jr Baldwin
31 1/3″ Austin Rohr 6-1 180 Jr Plainwell
31 1/3” Logan Soule 6-0 175 Jr Caledonia
31″ Devin Butler 6-2 180 Jr Zeeland East
31” Nolan Meekhof 6-1 217 So Grandville
31″ Toni Sok 5-7 145 Jr West Ottawa
31″ Adam Tautman 6-4 205 Jr Elk Rapids
30 1/2” Brandon Davis 5-10 160 Jr Holland
30 1/4″ Shane Harris 5-8 150 So East Kentwood

Top 10 40 times from LMFR Combine

4.34 Jacob Geter 5-8 170 Jr Plainwell
4.56 Darnel Jarrett 5-10 162 Jr Pickering, Ont.
4.59 Kevin Smith 5-9 135 Jr East Kentwood
4.60 Tanner Christian 5-11 176 So Caledonia
4.62 Ty Brugh 5-8 155 So Plainwell
4.62 Nick Jasch 5-10 180 Jr Zeeland West
4.63 Devon Thompson 5-8 158 So Greenville
4.64 Ryan Graham 5-10 160 Fr East Jordan
4.65 John Green 5-7 175 Jr Reed City
4.66 Dom Childress 6-0 175 Jr Independence, Tenn.
4.68 Michael Holdship 6-0 210 So Cadillac
4.68 Shane Harris 5-8 160 So East Kentwood
4.69 Nolan Meekhof 6-1 217 So Grandville
4.69 James Lacy 5-9 170 Jr West Ottawa
4.69 Ben Hartley 6-2 180 Jr Ogemaw Heights
4.69 Toni Sok 5-7 145 Jr West Ottawa
4.69 Jared Yarbrough 5-7 165 So Paw Paw
4.69 Danil Young 5-10 180 Jr Grandville

Class of 2016 Looks to Emerge at Combine

casey brinks

Casey Brinks (Zeeland West) is just one of the talented underclassmen looking to shine at Sunday’s combine.

Sunday’s Lake Michigan Football Report Combine in Grand Rapids will be a great chance to take the pulse of the Lake Area’s upcoming talent, with the first look at some underclassmen, and closer looks at once who were already varsity performers as sophomores.

Perhaps the best-known 2016 prospects planning to attend are from Zeeland West’s Division 4 state championship team. Zach VanValkenburg is a 6-3, 210 defensive standout. In that final game VanValkenburg had a sack of DeWitt’s all-state QB Jake Johnson. The last time Zeeland West had an impact underclassman on a state championship team it was Jordan Vandort, who parlayed that into an all-state career that will continue at WMU. 5-11, 164 Casey Brinks was West’s starting QB as only a 10th-grader, with a likely college destination in the defensive backfield. Also from the Dux, Colton Overway intrigues as a 6-2, 270 two-way lineman.

Another sophomore defensive standout we last saw winning hardware at Ford Field was Grand Rapids West Catholic’s 6-2, 240 lineman Carl Myers. He had a couple tackles in their win over Memominee.

Perennial state power Lowell was loaded as always in 2013, but that didn’t mean some youngsters didn’t contribute. 6-1, 280 soph Karson Murley started on the Red Arrows’ offensive line. 6-0, 150 receiver Gabe Steed was called up from Lowell’s JV team and made an instant impact. Clearly not fazed by the big stage, Steed caught three TD catches in Lowell’s playoff win against Mona Shores.  6-0, 200 sophomore linebacker Trevor Shurlow has a familiar last name to Lake Area fans.

Michael VanHoeven was a first-team All-Wolverine Conference offensive lineman for Paw Paw as just a sophomore. He certainly passes the look test at that age, checking in at 6-5, 255.

Grandville’s Nolan Meekhof stood out at last year’s LMFR Combine with a terrific size/speed combination for just a freshman. Now he has a year of O-K Red varsity ball under his belt making the 6-1, 217 running back an even more intriguing prospect.

This is just a handful of the young talent that will be putting it on the line at the combine. There is still an opportunity to compete against them, to register click here.

Calling the Classes of 2015, 2016, 2017!

football combine 2014

Join the top underclassmen from throughout Michigan & the Midwest on Sunday, March 16, 2014! Registration for the 2014 Lake Michigan Football Combine is now open… Click HERE for more details!